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Repulpable Tape

Double sided repulpable tape provides a secure bond when the highest adhesion levels are required. The tape is commonly used to for high temperature splicing applications in corrugated cardboard facilities and the paper industry. This product dissolves 100% in water for recycling applications.

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Features & Benefits

  • Smooth, easy release from hand rolls for easy application
  • Ultra strong & durable

General Applications
  • Flying splices for paper applications and mills
  • Great permanent bond holding power

Frequently Asked Questions

Paper mills who process fine papers, tissue, newspaper and paper towels commonly use repulpable tapes in their process. These tapes will dissolve 100% when they go to repulp the fibers. This will minimize or eliminate any contaminants for the next production run of paper. These tapes are also used by paper converters and commercial web printers.

Splicing rolls together is the most common application for repulpable tape. These tapes can be used for overlap splice, butt splice, 'W' or 'V' splice and flying splice. Other uses for this product is core start up, roll tabbing and finishing.

These hand tearable tapes have a high wet grab when splicing rolls that may still have a higher-than-normal moisture content. They have excellent shear and high heat resistance (rated up to 392 degrees).